My Portfolio

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BDL (Better DOOM Launcher)

BDL's UI and config file

A highly compact yet sophisticated and feature-rich GUI for launching classic DOOM games and mods. Created using Python and PyQt5.


Overview of CFB's core features

A Python library designed as a wrapper for the default configparser library, massively simplifying its use while offering extended functionality. Designed to be as user-friendly and flexible as possible.


Example output

A now obsolete utility that was originally used to analyze and parse the plain-text log files generated by Dead By Daylight in realtime. Using this utility provided advanced data about current matches, tracked player stats, tracked match and player histories, implemented a block-list, and provided audible alerts for in-game events, such as joining a lobby. As of Dead By Daylight patch 4.1.0 however, log files are now encrypted, putting DBDLOG out of commission permanently.